The Galès Gites

For young and old !

The Galès


Welcome to a land of sweet pleasures ...

3 rural gîtes, a peaceful haven for children and adults alike !

Aerial photo

The gîtes are near the village of Corbarieu, in an area known as Galès. They form part of a large farm whose walls are built of weathered pink brick.

Far away from busy roads, there are open views over the countryside as far as the eye can see. With its views of hills and its abundant stone pine trees you could almost be in Tuscany.

Here you can see the results of the work of several generations for the past 3 centuries, the same family have cultivated the land. Today the working farm, growing cereal crops, offers a landscape that changes with each season. Every visitor here feels the happiness that come from living surrounded by superb rural scenery.

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